“The Fast Lane Business Networking events provide, in my opinion, the best way to meet new business associates and make valuable, long-lasting client connections in the Tees Valley. The events are faultlessly organised by Lou Murray and they provide a relaxed way to enjoy some good food in good company. Lou always makes sure that you are included in the conversations and excels at being a host. The group offers both daytime and evening events to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to being involved. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and enjoyable way to grow your business, then look no further” – Louise Joyce, Stephen Joyce Wealth Management


“Having attended one of the Fast Lane Business Networking events for the first time today I can’t recommend it highly enough – especially for an anxious networker like myself! The welcome was warm, the atmosphere relaxed and friendly, the food was delicious and there was a real opportunity to spend some quality time chatting with new contacts. The host made sure no-one was left on the edges of the group feeling nervous and was always checking to make sure everyone was comfortable – not even getting stressed when disorganised guests like me forgot what they’d ordered! Great value for money and one of the best networking environments  I’ve been in for a while! ” – Nichola Reeder, ProExTra 


“Fast Lane Networking events are networking events done right. The opportunity to talk to businesses in such a relaxed and calm environment is a welcome one, and the length of the event means you can really get to know people over the course of lunch. I’ve attended the Curing House event a few times now, and the food is always phenomenal, too” – Liam McElroy, Greenlord Studios


“Great relaxed networking event with amazing food! Ok, so it’s not all about the food but it certainly helps and ALWAYS proves to be a talking point. Lou is a fantastic host making everyone feel welcome by making introductions. It’s clear she knows her guests in advance. The event itself is ideal for taking a long lunch whilst getting to know others in a relaxed business setting. I’d highly recommend this networking session to anyone looking to build connections in the area and enjoy a great lunch” – Helen Kerr, Inner City Digital


“We first attended the ‘Charcuterie & Connections’ event at the end of 2016. Since then we have regularly attended this business networking event due to the relaxed & friendly atmosphere which truly gets the best out of the attendees.

We have enjoyed a mixture of business & personal conversations with fellow attendees, making this event one where you can really get to know the other local businesses easily. As a result we have enjoyed follow-up meetings with new contacts outside of the event, on a 1:1 basis, which is what it’s all about!

The cherry on the top is the excellent venue & the quality of the food!” – Fiona Keen, Mulberry Asset Finance